Kamloops, BC

Dynamic Discs Tournament Capital Open

The 2023 Dynamic Discs Tournament Capital Open is one of Canada's premiere A-tier events taking place in the heart of British Columbia. Kamloops is a hub for disc golf in the province.

Dynamic Discs Tournament Capital Open

Total: $
  • Black aluminum 72" wide sliding door
  • Red cedar ventilated facade and soffit
  • Corrugated metal walls
  • Sheetrock walls and ceiling inside, painted white
  • Premium vinyl flooring inside
  • Two outlets and two can ceiling lights inside
  • Exterior surface light next to the door

What's included as a presenting sponsor?
  • 100 sqft of exterior wall (8' x 12' nominal size)
  • 83 sqft net interior space inside
  • Prefabricated panel system
  • Concrete foundation
  • Insulated walls, floor and roof
  • Outlets and lights installed
  • Premium black aluminum door
  • Corrugated metal exterior walls
  • Cedar board ventilated facade
  • Customizable deck

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