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2023 Tour

Our inaugural tour will showcase the communities, courses, and players that make Canada one of the best places to play disc golf. Our tour features MPO coverage of nine tournaments across six provinces. With players in MPO and FPO competing for points to be crowned to the Canadian Disc Golf Tour Champion.


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About the Tour

The Canadian Disc Golf Tour was founded in 2023. Disc golf is a popular and growing sport in Canada, and deserves to be presented to the world.
Those of us who play here know how special the sport is, especially when we get to highlight the natural beauty of our country, coast to coast. Canadians’ membership in the PDGA, the sport’s global sanctioning body, has increased over 240% from 2020 to today, and the number of sanctioned events has increased over 330% in the same time frame.
Canadians are well-represented at the highest levels of disc golf, globally. Several Canadians competed on the Disc Golf Professional Tour in North America in 2022 (the premier disc golf tour, globally), and our country has produced world champions in age protected divisions. The current MA40, MA60 and FA65 world champions, as well as the runner up in the ultra-competitive MP40 world championship all hail from Canada. Team Canada also won a bronze medal in 2022 in the World Flying Disc Federation’s Team World Championship, to go along with their gold medal in 2017.
Globally speaking, Canada is a rising power on the professional disc golf scene. So it’s time to turn the spotlight on what makes Canada so great as a disc golf destination, as well as an incubation ground for world-class players.The 2023 edition of the CDGT will comprise of 9 events across the country. Many of these are already the highest calibre events the country has to offer, and will be familiar to many.
There will also be a points system in place for these events. Only Canadian citizens are eligible to earn points for the 2023 season. The Canadian National Championships will be our first Major tournament, and will be the only tournament that gives double points.
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